Yacht design dissertations

- 100m x 100m in size, with the equivalent deck space of today's cruise liners.
- Space to create a bewildering amount of interior design options, such as a retail district, theatre, culinary zone containing an eclectic mix of restaurants and an entertainment zone featuring bars, nightclubs and a casino.
- An observatory deck with breath taking 360 degree views at a height of 65m above sea level.
- A true architectural, and engineering masterpiece designed to present the smallest possible profile to the water's surface.

Nature, in all its purity and greatness, offers a new perspective on yachting that transcends the traditional parameters of status and grandeur. A holistic approach allows the yacht to directly reflect the Owner’s true values in life: the richness of being and the intimacy of belonging. Nature grants those on-board every opportunity to be themselves in an atmosphere of complete tranquility and peacefulness. The carefully-designed spaces, the interplay between natural and artificial light, and the pure materials and surfaces combine to create a new world that represents all the good we recognize from nature.

Yacht design dissertations

yacht design dissertations


yacht design dissertationsyacht design dissertationsyacht design dissertationsyacht design dissertations