Value chain analysis research paper

As an outsourcing company, you are saying that you can perform necessary activities in the customer’s value chain either better than they can (in a way that improves the quality of their product or service) or at a lower cost than they can. You’ve also got to focus on the linkages between your value chain for the outsourced activity and their value chain activities before and after your outsourcing.
These linkages have the potential to take away many of the benefits if they are cumbersome and don’t work smoothly.

The success of Lean in manufacturing and production has led to an interest in its adoption in software development. However, it was noted that the current literature on adoption of Lean in software development had a disconnect between the high-level principles and the concrete practices related to lean and agile software development. The literature had also a limited focus on wastes that were literally mapped from the categories identified for manufacturing. [10] This was ignoring the transformation that lean thinking has itself undergone and moved away from the focus on "removal of waste" to "creating and delivering value". [11] The use of value stream mapping as suggested by the pioneer authors of the field Womack and Jones [12] was identified as the missing link in the current literature on lean in software development.

Outbound logistics is the third activity in the value chain and occurs after all operations are completed and the end product is ready for the customer. Activities required to deliver a product to the end user are considered part of outbound logistics. Marketing and sales are the fourth part of the value chain and include all strategies used to get potential customers to purchase a product, such as channel selection, advertising and pricing. Service is the fifth and final step in a company's value chain and describes all activities that create better consumer experiences, such as customer service and repair services.

Value chain analysis research paper

value chain analysis research paper


value chain analysis research papervalue chain analysis research papervalue chain analysis research papervalue chain analysis research paper