Tuck mba essays 2009

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What about the version where you not only HIT the revenue target (again, it can be anything, we’re just keeping this analogy alive to make a point), but actually you BEAT it by 20%! So, you’re doing cartwheels because you think you’ve succeeded. And yet, somehow, you’ve disappointed others, for reasons that only THEN become made known to you. That can be even MORE hard-hitting. The idea that you chose a course of action, or pursued something in a certain WAY, that trumped even the outcome itself. What does THAT reckoning feel like? The common element for this third version is the exposing of some kind of meaningful disconnect in expectations, and of course, you falling short of them. Whether those expectations were your own, or held by others, doesn’t matter. Try to find a time when someone expected something of you, and you biffed it. Were you aware of it? Semi-aware of it? Unaware? What was the moment you realized that those expectations were misaligned, which led to someone’s disappointment? What did that feel like, and how did you deal with it? The answers to all these questions can provide powerful insight into who you are as a person, and what you’ll be as a leader.

Tuck mba essays 2009

tuck mba essays 2009


tuck mba essays 2009tuck mba essays 2009tuck mba essays 2009