Tout essaye france

– ce midi elle s’est levée seule de son fauteuil et a rejoint son mari qui était dans la cuisine pour l’aider un petit peu à faire la cuisine.
– à table, elle a essayé de parler avec son mari, c’est à dire elle a essayé de construire des phrases. Son mari a eu du mal à la comprendre, son langage était difficile
– elle a participé pour faire la vaisselle
– elle s’est installée devant la télévision, puis à changé le programme pour un autre qui l’interressait apparament, et a augmenté le volume (grâce à la télécommande)

Hello Mimi, fortunately I cut out the recipe from the D2 magazine because I could not find in your recipe section. Yesterday I made the pear & carmel sauce and now see the link to the original recipe in you reply above. My wife (an electrical engineer) is an excellant cook & baker and it’s her kitchen but I do a few things in there too. We work as a team when entertainig.
I had a problem when I removed the melted sugar from the stove and slowly poured in a little cream. It turned to brown concrete. My daughter (who can’t boil water) put the pan back on the stove and stirred feriously until it melted, then I poured in the cream and salted butter while she stirred. I asked her how she knew to do that and she said she made caramel potatoes in Iceland. She trains horses in Iceland and obviously makes caramel potatoes.
The pear & caramel sauce was excellant and “easy” to make.
My reward: First thing my wife said to me this morning was I can’t believe how good that caramel sauce was:-)!

Tout essaye france

tout essaye france


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