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I don't know. I'm no foodie. Food is fuel to me, kind of a necessary evil. I have a love hate relationship with food in general on account of some health issues. I can't think of anything that's less appealing to me than traveling to a restaurant to eat, because it ends up taking four hours to do what you could do in fifteen minutes. But to answer the question, I'd probably go for anything with cold water fish in it. I like my starches, so rice works. Maybe a pepper, mushroom, egg grinder every 2 weeks – those are always good. That's a pretty boring list. Oh, and potato chips as a side dish with everything.

A good example can be taken from a student researching primitive and early art during a semester in an arts course. A good topic would be “Religious Art: Primitive Icons of 9th th century AD.” A good topic for a chemical engineering term paper might be, “Redesigning the Manufacturing Process of Analgesic Tablets.” An excellent topic for a literature term paper might be, “Epistolary Literature: Authors Writing to Authors.” These topics are specific to their subject, but they are general enough to allow the student scope for extensive research and comprehensive reading and writing on the topic.

I propose that St. Mary’s University studies the possibility of adding an undergraduate Biomedical Engineering courses. It should be small at first, where students studying Electrical and Mechanical Engineering can have the possibility to branch out and learn about it. It may sound difficult for an engineering student to double major in two engineering majors, but Biomedical Engineering is closely related to the two majors that they only need a few more classes to be biomedical engineers. Of course that means students will be biomedical engineers in one subscript only. Which is not a bad thing at all. Only that I am sure enthusiasts want to learn more than one subscript. When enough students learn about it and its importance, more will want to major in of the highest demanded jobs in the world. Then, St. Mary’s University should highly consider adding a full Biomedical Engineering undergraduate major. The course won’t be easy, it will unite the three majors; Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Material Science in one course, plus a biology class. Biomedical engineers need to study biology to understand the human body because the machinery they will build and modify will work on the human bodies.

Term paper+engineering economics

term paper+engineering economics


term paper+engineering economicsterm paper+engineering economicsterm paper+engineering economicsterm paper+engineering economics