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Class and Charter Day On the last day of spring term classes, all afternoon classes are canceled for a campus wide picnic and party. Additionally, a ceremony is held during which students, faculty, and other members of the Hamilton community are recognized for their academic, leadership, and community-development accomplishments. Class and Charter Day is also the biggest party day of the year at Hamilton. The popular "G-Road" party which took place on this day became so infamous for underage drinking and over-indulgence that the college chose to ban the party for Class and Charter Day '09. The college instead provided a free concert for the student body, coordinated by the Student Activities Office and the student-run Campus Activities Board. Concerts have included groups such as Passion Pit , White Panda , Sammy Adams , and Macklemore .

John-Boy’s turn on Roots: The Next Generation changed my life. It was the actor Richard Thomas, to be precise, who played Jim Warner in the sequel to the mini-series Roots . Like John-Boy, Jim was a lover of poetry, and his artistic sensibility set him apart from those around him. The only person who shared his love of art was a young black schoolteacher, Carrie Barden (played by Fay Hauser), who, like my parents, had attended Fisk University. Their story took place in Tennessee, where Carrie and Jim fell in love and married. Ultimately, their unlawful romance became a conventional love story, and their married life bored me. Their secret courtship, however, I found thrilling.

With a title like this, a blog can do no wrong. Redbone Afropuff and Black GRITS is a celebration of black women. The blog explores faith, feminism and all-things Southern from the perspective of blogger-in-chief Mariam Williams. It is also an ode to the women who’ve inspired Williams to create and encouraged her vision. Redbone Afropuff and Black GRITS’ dope stems from its reliance on black women’s experiences. Many of us have found ourselves in the positions Williams has been in, or considering topics from her perspective. She’s using her voice to speak to our experiences. It’s powerful.

Spelman college essays

spelman college essays


spelman college essaysspelman college essaysspelman college essaysspelman college essays