Short essay on patience

11. Let then the Saints hear from holy Scripture the precepts of patience: My son, when you come to the service of God , stand in righteousness and fear , and prepare your soul for temptation : bring your heart low, and bear up; that in the last end your life may increase. All that shall come upon you receive you, and in pain bear up, and in your humility have patience. For in the fire gold and silver is proved , but acceptable men in the furnace of humiliation. And in another place we read: My son, faint not in the discipline of the Lord , neither be wearied when you are chidden of Him. For whom the Lord loves He chastens, and scourges every son whom He receives. What is here set down, son whom He receives, the same in the above mentioned testimony is, acceptable men . For this is just , that we who from our first felicity of Paradise for contumacious appetence of things to enjoy were dismissed, through humble patience of things that annoy may be received back: driven away for doing evil , brought back by suffering evil : there against righteousness doing ill, here for righteousness' sake patient of ills.

     There lay a young man, fast asleep - sleeping so soundly, so deeply, that he was far, far away from them both. Oh, so remote, so peaceful. He was dreaming. Never wake him up again. His head was sunk in the pillow, his eyes were closed; they were blind under the closed eyelids. He was given up to his dream. What did garden-parties and baskets and lace frocks matter to him? He was far from all those things. He was wonderful, beautiful. While they were laughing and while the band was playing, this marvel had come to the lane. Happy ... happy ... All is well, said that sleeping face. This is just as it should be. I am content.

Short essay on patience

short essay on patience


short essay on patienceshort essay on patienceshort essay on patienceshort essay on patience