Reach out depression

There is no one, single cause of depression and it likely develops due to a combination of factors, such as life events (such as trauma or losing someone close to you) and biological factors (genetics, hormones or an imbalance of certain chemicals in the brain). People affected by depression often experience negative thinking patterns and may stop doing their normal activities, which can make their symptoms worse. In other words, depression becomes a ‘vicious cycle’: your mood is so down, you don’t feel like doing anything, so you stop doing the things you enjoy or that you need to do (such as schoolwork or daily tasks), which makes you feel even worse.

The San Luis Obispo County Suicide Prevention Forums happen annually in the fall in San Luis Obispo. Free Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are made available. The forums are made possible by the Suicide Prevention Council of San Luis Obispo County whose mission statement is to prevent suicide and respond to the impact of suicide in a culturally sensitive way through community collaboration between agencies, organizations and citizens by means of public education, training, advocacy and the sharing of resources. This conglomeration of affinity groups that includes SLO County Behavioral Health, SLO County Office of Education, Transitions-Mental Health Association (TMHA), SLO Hotline, Community Counseling Center (CCC), NAMI SLO County, Wilshire Health and Community Services, Hospice of SLO County, and Veteran’s Affairs. Contact Shannon McOuat at 805-540-6510 or [email protected] for more information.

Don’t let the evil take you bro. Listen, there is a reason you are here and I am here. We both have a problem that’s plaguing our emotions; we feel that its pointless to go on. But, we must be patient and believe. Its all just a test, and we must be patient. I had anxiety in the past and it was tough, but I beat it. But I succeeded because I didn’t give up. I did my hardest to forget the bad thoughts, by going and hanging out with friends, doing something that kept my mind busy and happy.
I am going through the same situation now, and I know its a test. I need to believe in Allah and ask for forgiveness. I have been much distant from Islam. I need to start praying every day, and I must not allow the evil to stop me. This anxiety to some is a test, and to some a punishment. But at the same time it is a second chance to us. We have to be thankful that we are alive and healthy; this emotional thing that we are going through is just bad thoughts, and we can beat it. We just have to be closer to Islam and pray, pray to ALLAH and ask for forgiveness. If you see this reply comment, just remember its not too late, you can beat it. Just stay strong, what you think is not true. The evil is trying to make the world seem pointless to you. But it is not.

Reach out depression

reach out depression


reach out depressionreach out depressionreach out depressionreach out depression