Propagandist essay topic ideas

The roots of Europe's slave colonies in America can be found in Portugal's fifteenth-century exploration of the western coast of Africa. Upon conquering the Muslim fortress of Ceuta in North Africa in 1415, Portuguese rulers turned their attention to the trade goods being delivered across the Sahara desert. By skirting the coast, royally sponsored explorers hoped to trace the supplies of gold and other precious goods to their source, thus bypassing the costs of the middlemen traders. By the mid-1450s, the Portuguese had begun to purchase slaves along the West African coast, establishing contracts with Wolof, Mandinga, and Bati rulers to exchange gold, cotton, ivory, and slaves for horses, red cloth, and iron. In the 1480s, the Portuguese established the entrep ô ts of S ã o Tom é and Elmina to serve the regular trade routes from Congo and Benin. At the same time, following the medieval model of sugar production in North Africa and several Mediterranean islands, the Portuguese established plantations on the Atlantic islands of Madeira, the Cape Verde islands, and the Canaries, and they increasingly worked them with slaves imported from Africa.

The result of all that propaganda was the destruction of Europe and the death of some 50 million people, so it is not surprising that propaganda has negative connotations... Even the best form of propaganda, I will argue, is a form of deception, a lie, and therefore propaganda can never be ethical. The most important reason why propaganda can never be considered as ethical is the fact that propaganda makes people use less and less of their critical thinking skills... Propaganda is inevitable and it is everywhere... Even the best propaganda campaigns are still propaganda, and propaganda ...

Rational vs. Irrational Propaganda: Propaganda is addressed to the individual on the foundation of feelings and passions which are irrational, however, the content of propaganda does address reason and experience when it presents information and furnishes facts making it rational as well. It is important for propaganda to be rational because modern man needs relation to facts. Modern man wants to be convinced that by acting in a certain way he is obeying reason in order to have self-justification. The challenge is creating an irrational response on the basis of rational and factual elements by leaving an impression on an individual that remains long after the facts have faded away. Individuals are not compelled to act based facts but rather on emotional pressure, the vision of the future, or the myth.

Propagandist essay topic ideas

propagandist essay topic ideas


propagandist essay topic ideaspropagandist essay topic ideaspropagandist essay topic ideaspropagandist essay topic ideas