Proficiency essay phrases

A test taker’s linguistic ability (., grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation) is evaluated independently by two examiners and separately from the other test taker’s ability. The test also assesses a test taker’s ability to participate in extended, coherent discourse with the other test taker. This means that a test taker should not try to dominate during any stage of the test. At the same time, a test taker should not play a passive role. Test takers are expected to contribute equally to the speaking activity. The stages of the speaking test are designed so that each test taker is provided ample opportunity to speak individually and to engage in discussions with others. Test takers are evaluated at every stage of the test. The rating scale, a five-band measure, guides raters to attend to a test taker’s performance in the following areas:

Earlier this summer when it was my turn to pick the Friday night Netflix movie in the Shepard household, I chose a French film called, Il a déjà tes yeux . For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, this 2016 film is about a black couple who adopts a white baby.  Although the film is a comedy (with some tear-jerking moments), I think it will lend itself to some great class discussions regarding family relationships, cultural identity, race and prejudice. In spite of some swearing and one scene showing marijuana use, I find it appropriate to use with my upper-level classes. (The only rating I could find was a PG-13 rating in Singapore.)  Since I don’t have access to Netflix at school, I ordered the DVD from and will show it on my all region DVD player. There are, of course, no English subtitles but I will use the French closed captions (and lots of discussion) to make the film comprehensible to my students.  

Meena Singhal, . (Second Language Acquisition and Teaching, University of Arizona) teaches at Long Beach Community College. She has taught at the university and college-level in both the United States and Canada. Her research interests and publications focus on reading in traditional and hypertextual environments, the reading processes of L2 learners, and multimedia-based learning. She is currently involved in an ESL Learning Communities Project and the development of online materials to improve the academic reading skills of college-level learners. Email: msinghal@ .

Proficiency essay phrases

proficiency essay phrases


proficiency essay phrasesproficiency essay phrasesproficiency essay phrasesproficiency essay phrases