Mphil computer science thesis

Optional Papers : : Administrative system in India, Labour Welfare Administration, International Administration, Rural Development Administration, Urban Development Administration, Comparative Administration, Development Administration, and Human Resource Development.

. - The emphasis on research in School is basically on Political Theory, Regional Problems, Political Economy, Administration, Development, Human Rights, Financial Administration, Issues Related to MP, Disaster Management, International Relations, & Problems of Gender, Child and the Marginalized and issues related to Central Asian Region.

Course description:
The course expands upon the systems and signal processing concepts introduced in ECE 304, ECE 330 and ECE 434 to develop the tools to model physiological processes and the feedback control of these processes.
This course is a senior level introduction to the theoretical and practical aspects of signal processing and dynamic systems behavior as they relate to physiological, biological, and biomedical systems. The topics covered will include sampling theory, continuous and discrete Fourier transforms and series, Laplace transforms, Linear systems theory, signal filtering, models of biological and physiological systems, and analysis of dynamic and feedback systems.

Mphil computer science thesis

m phil computer science thesis


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