Honours thesis nus

After the war, whilst studying in England, Lee campaigned for a friend named David Widdicombe, who was in the Labour Party . He drove Widdicombe around in a lorry and delivered several speeches on his behalf. Widdicombe lost the election in 1950, but went on to become members of the Inner Temple with Lee. [30] After seeing how the British had failed to defend Singapore from the Japanese, and after his stay in England, Lee decided that Singapore had to govern itself. He returned to Singapore in 1949. [11] [13] He also decided to omit his English name, Harry, and simply be known as Lee Kuan Yew, [31] although until the end of his life, old comrades and English friends would still refer to him as Harry Lee.

In view that the Ministry of Education provides a Tuition Grant to subsidize a student's tuition fees up to the normal candidature period, the tuition fee payable beyond that would be the full non-subsidized semestral fees. To mitigate the impact of higher fees, the University undertakes to charge affected students only a proportion of the full non-subsidized semestral fees pro-rated based on the MCs read in the extended semesters. In addition, the pro-rated full fees payable in the first and second semester beyond normal candidature will be capped at 120% and 150% of the subsidized semestral fees respectively.

Honours thesis nus

honours thesis nus


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