Her kind anne sexton essay

            Anne Sexton’s poem entitled “Her Kind” is a depiction of a woman’s life in the wild. The narrator illustrated the life of the woman into the arms of day and night. This poem has no representation of other characters but only the woman who seemed to be main character of the verse. The narrator also discussed in the poem how the main character perceived life into a greater aspect. What the narrator is trying to impose in the poem is that the main character was not the same as what other people think against her. While the society perceived the woman as ‘evil’ and senseless, the narrator looked at her sensible and a woman with full of life. From this case, the purpose of this paper is to discuss the elements, literary images, languages, and thoughts that emerged in the whole poem to justify the the claim of the author – her kind is unique. Need essay sample on "Anne Sexton’s “Her Kind”: An Argumentative Analysis" ? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you for only $/page

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Now, to illustrate the character’s defiance, Sexton divides the poem into three sections, with each stanza showing a specific side of the persona. In the first stanza, the persona presents herself as a lonesome suburban witch. The next stanza, she’s a lonely housewife or mother. And finally, in the last stanza, the persona paints herself as a defiant adulteress about to face her execution. Written in the first person, Her Kind reads more like a declaration of self, an affirmation of identity, rather than a simple retelling of the character’s life. It is the persona’s rebellion against the dictates of a society seeking to restrict her identity by telling her who, what, and how to be.

Her kind anne sexton essay

her kind anne sexton essay


her kind anne sexton essayher kind anne sexton essayher kind anne sexton essayher kind anne sexton essay