Genetic engineering essay introduction

Many plants have been commercialized, including tomatoes and squash and commodity crops like corn and soybeans. Most have been engineered for one of three traits: herbicide [weed killer] tolerance, insect resistance, or virus tolerance. This is the fastest growing area of biotechnology in agriculture. Genetically engineered cotton has been approved for commercial use. There are between 10 and 12 million acres of cotton in the . and estimates are that all of this acreage will be planted to transgenic varieties within the next 10 years. One of the newest innovations in cotton is the development of naturally-colored cotton fibers where the pigments have come from inserting color genes from flowers into cotton. 19

The manga series Battle Angel Alita and its sequel Battle Angel Alita: Last Order ( Gunnm and Gunnm: Last Order as it is known in Japan) by Yukito Kishiro , contains multiple references to the theme of eugenics. The most obvious is the sky city Tiphares (Salem in Japanese edition). Dr. Desty Nova, in the first series in Volume 9, reveals the eugenical nature of the city to Alita (Gally or Yoko) and it is further explored in the sequel series. A James Cameron movie based on the series is due for release on 2018. [10]

Genetic engineering essay introduction

genetic engineering essay introduction


genetic engineering essay introductiongenetic engineering essay introductiongenetic engineering essay introductiongenetic engineering essay introduction