French as level essay phrases

Today, French and English are secondary languages of Lebanon , with about 40% of the population being Francophone and 40% Anglophone. [46] The use of English is growing in the business and media environment. Out of about 900,000 students, about 500,000 are enrolled in Francophone schools, public or private, in which the teaching of mathematics and scientific subjects is provided in French. [47] Actual usage of French varies depending on the region and social status. One third of high school students educated in French go on to pursue higher education in English-speaking institutions. English is the language of business and communication, with French being an element of social distinction, chosen for its emotional value. [48] On social media, French was used on Facebook by just 10% of Lebanese in 2014, far behind English (78%).

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French as level essay phrases

french as level essay phrases


french as level essay phrasesfrench as level essay phrasesfrench as level essay phrasesfrench as level essay phrases