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Although, Augustus could have done many things with his power he choose to work for the betterment of his people and the government. During his reign, Augustus was able to restore peace and harmony to the Roman Empire. This is largely due to his humble character that saw himself as equal to the other members of his "cabinet." Augustus refused to be called by monarchical titles and referred to himself as "Princeps Civitatis" or First Citizen. As a result of Augustus's peace-minded efforts he was able to start the first phase of the Roman Empire known as the Principate (first among equals). Under this precept, the rulers wouldn't flaunt their power, but were confident knowing when it came down to it, they did have final say.

Cancer creates a sense of urgency in the novel that wouldn’t exist otherwise. Because the characters are terminally ill, they view questions about life and its meaning very differently than their healthy counterparts, and their love is more meaningful to them than it might be to the average teenager. The reason is that death isn’t an abstraction to them. Hazel knows her cancer is terminal and that she will likely die before she becomes an adult. She also personally knows other kids who have died. Augustus has already had a girlfriend pass away from cancer. Because they know they likely have little time to live, they don’t have the luxury of figuring out what they believe about purpose and meaning over the course of several decades. The questions become immediate concerns that demand to be answered as soon as possible, whereas for healthy teenagers they’re more like philosophical questions. It also means that Hazel and Augustus realize their relationship may be the only significant one each has, even for Hazel who will likely live a few years, though perhaps not beyond that. As a result their love becomes that much more intense and meaningful.

Essay topics on augustus

essay topics on augustus


essay topics on augustusessay topics on augustusessay topics on augustusessay topics on augustus