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The Howard I came to know was a many-faceted man. He was a "whole" man. His love of clouds, and weather, started at an early age and never diminished. He was not a scientist and never pretended to be one. He trained for, and became, a businessman, developing a firm that manufactured pharmaceutical chemicals: Howards and Sons Ltd. The study of weather, begun as a schoolboy, was close to his heart and continued for a lifetime. Because of his many contributions to the emerging science of meteorology, in 1821 he was made a Fellow of the Royal Society, the highest honor his peers could confer. He was a lifelong member of the Society of Friends (the Quakers) and devoted much energy and time to the good works of this denomination. He was a devoted family man. He was a prolific writer and editor. His Seven lectures in Meteorology comprised the first textbook in weather. His Climate of London was the first book in urban climatology. Luke Howard properly earned the right to be called the Godfather of Clouds.

The right side of the room began laughing. A Catholic nun was howling with laughter. Another person wept. One pastor from Ohio was red-faced from laughing so hard, and then dropped to the ground. Howard-Browne began to laugh, too, encouraging the rest of us to get with the program. The left side of the room stayed silent, except for an occasional giggle at the bizarre behavior of those on the right side. Finally, Howard-Browne took matters into his own hands by praying over one of the younger men on the left side, pointing his finger at the man like a gun.

Essay on howard university

essay on howard university


essay on howard universityessay on howard universityessay on howard universityessay on howard university