Essay on birth control methods

But to prevent the repetition, to effect the salvation of the generations of the future–nay of the generations of today–our greatest need is first of all the ability to face the situation without flinching, and to cooperate in the formation of a code of sexual ethics based upon a thorough biological and psychological understanding of human nature; and then to answer the questions and the needs of the people with all the intelligence and honesty at our command. If we can summon the bravery to do this, we shall best be serving the true interests of Eugenics, because our work will then have a practical and pragmatic value.

I recently told a girlfriend that I’m not on any form of birth control (besides an occasional condom and pull-out, always) and she was shocked that I would be willing to take “that big of a risk”. I felt a little embarrassed when she reacted that way. But, it’s like I said, it’s a conversation my guy and I are having regularly, checking in- we’re both well aware of the risks. And, I do not regret it. Also, same, have had to buy morning after twice- over the course of two years. Also, yes, I have a history of depression and anxiety, I’m on medication for both which, for me, at this point if there is a risk of something causing those symptoms to come back/increase- like birth control, I stay away. It just seems like there is so much work involved in going on bc. Haha, yes, you can say that here! That’s awesome. Here for it. I don’t know anything about fertility monitors.

Essay on birth control methods

essay on birth control methods


essay on birth control methodsessay on birth control methodsessay on birth control methodsessay on birth control methods