Essay of school uniforms

“It helps to get up in the morning and not have to think about what you’re going to wear,” said Maria, a ninth-grader who swims, plays soccer, and wears exactly what everybody else does at her high school in Washington, DC. Each school day, Maria dons an all-white oxford shirt, brown shoes, and a gray/maroon plaid skirt that has to be long enough to the touch the ground when she kneels. After school and on weekends, of course, all bets are off. Maria has a simple yet effective strategy: she borrows her friends’ clothes, typically baggy jeans.

School uniforms are designed to endure tear and wear more than the cheap street cloths that are claimed to be on fashion. Parents should therefore not complain on the high prices of school uniforms but instead look at the quality and the significance it has on the student. At the same time, students on uniforms tend to behave more responsibly and positive that students who are not on common dress code. This is because the society expects some behavioral standards that the children fear to violent them lest they be reported to their teachers. School uniform is the only visible way of identifying students even if they are out on a school trip. Therefore students and parents alike should not argue so much on whether students should be allowed to put on home cloths at school or not. It is evident that the advantages surpass the disadvantages of wearing school uniforms. Let students wear school uniforms and have harmony in our schools, both private and public.

Essay of school uniforms

essay of school uniforms


essay of school uniformsessay of school uniformsessay of school uniformsessay of school uniforms