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Collections are a massively useful feature. One of my clients is a performing arts center, and in a season we turn out dozens of ads, flyers, brochures, web banners, playbills, billboards and other collateral using the same assets over and over. These assets are organized by artist and/or show on disk, but I set up each season's repeating assets as a Collection in Bridge, so that I just have to open the collection and drag and drop these assets into new INDD, AI, PSD, HTML (in Dreamweaver), FLA or AE projects without having to navigate from folder to folder picking up individual files.

Adobe Captivate Prime uses a single universal player that, like a fluid, dynamically provides eLearning content in all major media types, and for desktop and devices all through a common player. The advantages are significant. Because Prime uses this HTML5 player, the learning experience is seamless and looks and feels like the same modern player on virtually any device. The mobile experience on Prime is full of delightful surprises. Most notably, it supports offline course playback and delayed reporting. So even if you’re away from a network, you can still take courses and the mobile player will just sync your scores and other data with the Prime servers the next time you are online.

Essay help x adobe

essay help x adobe


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