Essay an iowa winter

As I stood looking into the night sky, at the billions upon billions of stars twinkling across their celestial field, amid the clicking of the photographer's shutter, I couldn't help but wonder if there were other life forms - perhaps other civilizations - out there. If so, were they looking back at us? Could they have powerful enough telescopes to see our planet in detail, and to observe the many ways I have worked tirelessly to make Earth a better place? Has my example served as an inspiration to the faraway aliens to work for their own extraterrestrial hope and change? 

"Chalking: Chalking is defined as the marking of a surface with chalk in order to communicate a message. Student organizations may “chalk” to publicize an upcoming event that the organization is sponsoring that will be open to all students. Chalking is only allowed on the three sidewalks that are the perimeter of Hubbard Park (North, East, and South sides) and T. Anne Cleary Walkway (Jefferson St. to Market St.). The message/art work must include the name of the sponsoring student organization and may only be created with water-soluble chalk.  ( map )

Essay an iowa winter

essay an iowa winter


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