Dead poet society theme essay

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This line just about summarizes the theme of TAAB. Ian claims that a personified God doesn’t exist. There is no old man with white hair and a beard sitting just beyond the reach of our satellites and telescopes. If you choose to believe that God exists then it becomes your responsibility to prove that God exists. If you can’t prove it, yet choose to continue believing, then it becomes your responsibility to rationalize His existence through other means. Worse, if you convince anyone else to go along with your belief in the existence of God, without proof, then you must perpetuate that “white-lie”. Just like a liar, albeit well intentioned, you get deeper and deeper into trouble. You must start inventing Miracles and other mechanisms that indicate the existence of an all-powerful, personified being. And, most importantly, you will have to avoid the temptation to abuse your power, your connection with that God and the trust that other “believers” put in you. That, indeed, is an overwhelming responsibility, which only a few people (the true saints) can carry off. (Note: This argument doesn’t state that God is Dead. It only states that God is not a single entity with the power to save you from your own stupidity. It leaves room for the existence of God and religion. It just denounces the abuse of these concepts).

Dead poet society theme essay

dead poet society theme essay


dead poet society theme essaydead poet society theme essaydead poet society theme essaydead poet society theme essay