Count of monte cristo thesis

The Bonapartists in the book are the protagonists. Dantйs cannot be considered a complete Bonapartist because he is very indifferent in the matter of Napoleon returning to power. Monsieur Morrel, Dantйs' father, and Villefort's father, Nortier, on the other hand are Bonapartists. Bonapartism is the belief in Napoleon Bonaparte's form of government, in which the people are equal, but under military control. Those who are Bonapartists in The Count of Monte Cristo are persecuted and become unsuccessful. Dantйs is imprisoned for "plotting" with Napoleon, M. Morrel's shipping company becomes on the verge on bankruptcy, Dantйs' father dies of starvation, and all the members on Napoleon's rebellion are persecuted for challenging the throne. Dumas must be attempting to sway the reader into believing that the good, hard-working people were Bonapartists,

'The Count of Monte Cristo' is a remake of the Alexander Dumas tale by the same name. Dantes, a sailor who is falsely accused of treason by his best friend Fernand, who wants Dantes' girlfriend Mercedes for himself. Dantes is imprisoned on the island prison of Chateau d'If for 13 years, where he plots revenge against those who betrayed him. With the help of another prisoner, he escapes the island and proceeds to transform himself into the wealthy Count of Monte Cristo as part of his plan to exact revenge. Written by Anna <annachan@>

These are not the reasons why The Count of Monte Cristo is often listed as one of the ten best novels of all time. It is rather the imagery of man acting as a force of divine justice that enthralls the senses. The Count if Monte Cristo focuses on man-man hatred. This hatred is far more powerful than the man-woman love contained within the work. The psychological portrayal of vengeance is one that fascinates yet it is a portrayal that also repels. Monte Cristo's character does not arouse sympathy, yet somehow his actions are justified. He is almost a mythological hero. A supernatural aura creates an adventure tale that is hard to resist.

Count of monte cristo thesis

count of monte cristo thesis


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