Catholic schools week essay

Last week while I was waiting in the airport for my flight from Washington . to home, I was sitting where I could easily see the counter and the monitor. A man approached who was loaded down with luggage and was carrying an orange slurpy. He fumbled and dropped the slurpy splashing people near him and spilling all the contents on the floor. He apologized to the people around him, picked up the empty cup and threw it in the trash. I then thought that he was going to get paper towels to clean up the mess. But he never came back. And people we walking into the slupry without realizing it. Obviously he did not go to Catholic school where he would have been trained to take responsibility for his actions.

NCEA is the official sponsor of the National Catholic Schools Week. To help Catholic schools participate in this campaign and to continue the Catholic Schools Week (CSW) celebration throughout the year, every NCEA member institution will receive a complimentary print and digital copy of the Catholic Schools Week Marketing Handbook and Liturgy Guide.  To help you plan your CSW celebration activities and events, the toolkit includes best practices for year-round marketing, activity ideas, and downloadable tools and templates for your marketing needs.  

Catholic schools week essay

catholic schools week essay


catholic schools week essaycatholic schools week essaycatholic schools week essaycatholic schools week essay