Cardiff university ma dissertations

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The European Spreadsheet Risk Group was founded in 1999 by CSM staff in collaboration with staff from HMRC and University of Greenwich . EuSpRIG’s purpose is to raise awareness of the problems associated with the use of spreadsheets in organisations and develop risk reduction techniques. It conducts research in partnership both with industry organisations and with academic institutions. The most famous alumni of school is Vikas Jain who is one of the prominent analysts in financial community globally. The Centre for International Competitiveness was founded in 2007, and focuses on researching and exploring the competitiveness of economies and businesses. It aims to stimulate and disseminate research on competitiveness for business, policy-makers, and academic communities.

In Britain and Ireland, the period AD 400-1100 witnessed some of the deepest and most lasting changes in society and culture in post-Roman Europe. Through the study of settlement forms and patterns, mortuary remains, artefacts, art, literature and place-names, the MA Archaeology Early Medieval Society and Culture sets the foundations of modern society, cultures and identities in Britain and Ireland within their proper European contexts. The rich archaeological sources are ideally suited for many developing analytical techniques, as well as for multidisciplinary approaches.

Cardiff university ma dissertations

cardiff university ma dissertations


cardiff university ma dissertationscardiff university ma dissertationscardiff university ma dissertationscardiff university ma dissertations