Business plan examples

STEP 1        Creating Your 14 Forecasted Financial Budgets (above)
STEP 2        Creating Your Forecasted Cash Flow Statement
STEP 3        Creating Your Forecasted Income Statement
STEP 4        Creating Your Forecasted Balance Sheet
STEP 5        Creating Your Forecasted Ratio Analysis
STEP 6        Creating Your Forecasted Break-even Point
STEP 7        Creating Your Forecasted Sensitivity Analysis
STEP 8        Creating Notes to Your Forecasted Financial Statement

With the recurring revenue model, the aim is to secure the customer on a long term contract so that they are consuming your product or service well into the future. Given that the cost of customer acquisition can be high, retaining customers is a primary goal for most businesses. It is also becoming synonymous with ‘subscribing via direct debit’.  Most utilities providers operate under this model. Magazine publishers have also been looking to expand this portion of their business for some time, offering heavy discounts to subscribers (who buy all issues directly), rewarding them over individual discrete purchases (bought on an ad hoc basis from various third parties).

Business plan examples

business plan examples


business plan examplesbusiness plan examplesbusiness plan examplesbusiness plan examples