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The University of Baltimore’s College of Public Affairs, Merrick School of Business, and Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences will consider awarding credit for prior learning through course challenge examinations, portfolios, accredited noncollegiate programs, military training, International Baccalaureate coursework, and courses or programs completed at accredited institutions in addition to traditional transferred credits from accredited schools. The Office of the Dean in each school/college will house the lists of contacts and programs in the school/colleges participating in the prior learning award application and evaluation process. Only courses in the student’s major or required coursework in a minor will be considered for prior learning credit review. UB will consider the following as suitable sources for prior learning credit: 

All students must request that their A-Level Exam official test scores and certificates be sent to the Temple University Office of International Admissions. 1803 North Broad Street, 714 Carnell Hall, Philadelphia, PA 19122.

Temple University may not receive . A-Level scores and certificates in time for your orientation. Therefore, we cannot guarantee these scores will be posted to your academic history in time for your registration advising appointment, which takes place during orientation.

Ap latin vergil essay questions

ap latin vergil essay questions


ap latin vergil essay questionsap latin vergil essay questionsap latin vergil essay questionsap latin vergil essay questions