Abd dissertation writing service

I have ten years of experience working with academic writers at all levels. I earned my . in English at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and have taught writing (including writing for science and business writing) to over five hundred students. I have worked closely for more than three years with authors in STEM fields, including many ESL authors, preparing manuscripts for publication. I can proofread or format your dissertation for submission, give substantive global feedback on early drafts of work in progress, or copy-edit your journal article for language and consistency to any style requirements (including APA, MLA, Chicago, ACS, IEEE, and others).

I am in a similar boat. 4th year TT at an R4 in a department in the humanities. My research has steadily become more science-y in nature and I am not at all content with my current job. Because there are very few jobs in my area and I would like to work in a related, but different, discipline, I am considering a postdoc to get the training that I would need to do so. Is this categorically a bad idea? What does someone in this situation have to gain by getting tenured, getting loaded up with service so they can’t publish much and ultimately getting stuck in a job that makes them unhappy?

Abd dissertation writing service

abd dissertation writing service


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