Atale of two cities setting essay

Podell and Stewart most recently contributed to the original story for “Cars 3.” They also sold a pitch for a drama about a minister who reveals he is gay last season, also at ABC. Prior to that, their feature script “Seuss” landed them one of the top spots on the 2012 Black List. Both men have also worked as actors in their careers, with Podell having appeared in shows such as “The Young and the Restless,” “24,” “JAG,” and “The West Wing,” as well as films like “Behind Enemy Lines.” Stewart appeared in the 2002 comedy film “The Sweetest Thing” and wrote and co-directed the short “Doing Time.”

The punch line of the argument, so to speak, was that philo-Hellenism – the idealization of ancient Greece –  somehow led to Adolf Hitler’s Germany. Evidence is given, for example, in the form of a kitsch painting by Alexander Kalderach, The Parthenon (1939). Indeed, the Nazis celebrated elements of Greek antiquity – but only as one ingredient amongst many of their bogus mythological mix. In any case, that line of argument more or less fell apart when the exhibition focused on the issue of looted and stolen Jewish property during the Third Reich. Maria Eichhorn’s Rose Valland Institute (named after the Parisian art historian who secretly listed works looted during Nazi occupation), was set up to research ‘orphaned property in Europe’, . Jewish wealth stolen not only by the German state, but also by private individuals. Her research was manifested in a detailed display of documents, including a towering bookcase filled with volumes looted by Nazis and purchased in 1943 by Berlin’s municipal library. Restitution and provenance research is time-consuming and costly; numerous institutes, such as the German Lost Art Foundation in Magdeburg, are dedicated to the cause. It remains unclear how Eichhorn’s institute, post-documenta, will continue its investigation. But perhaps the hope is that artworks create the kind of public awareness a scholarly foundation isn’t able to generate.

Atale of two cities setting essay

a tale of two cities setting essay


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